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You have signed up for a monthly recurring subscription to Small Groups Online, or you have received a free month of Small Groups Online as part of a bundle with one of our workshops. We are so glad that you have taken the next step in your journey by deciding to join this experience!

Here’s a quick tour of Small Groups Online.


Every week we host nearly 100 online small groups! Yes, that’s right, these are private, safe, and confidential online small group meetings hosted via a dedicated web video conference tool and each group is led by our very own vetted, trained, & equipped leaders. Once you select and signup for your desired group you will receive via email the exact web address and details for those weekly meetings.

When you enter your meeting, your leader will welcome everyone in the group and give instructions about how the meeting is formatted, topics that will be covered, and pray for the group. These groups are specifically designed to be a safe space so feel free to share from your own life; no judgment or condemnation will ever be passed onto you from our leaders.

Our leaders are people just like you who are simply further in their journey. They serve as guides during the meeting but are not your personal “coach.” However, they are trained leaders and can offer great insight regarding recovery, whether it be from forms of sex addiction or the impact of a spouse’s infidelity and betrayal.

The meeting also includes a “check-in process.”

During the check-in process, you will have the opportunity to answer questions that serve as talking points.  Below we have provided links to the different meeting formats for each type of group we host. We give you these meeting questions ahead of time so that you can be thinking about them in advance of your meeting.

Each meeting lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Watch your email inbox (your spam or junk folder too) for instructions and reminders from [email protected]


  1. Go to
  2. Click the button that says “FIND A SMALL GROUP.”
  3. Select the type of group and day you are interested in.
  4. After we find the best group for you we will present you with those options. 
  5. Select the group you want and click SIGN UP.
  6. Complete the check out process and you are done!


  1. When you schedule a Small Groups Online experience, you will receive two emails with the meeting link along with a meeting ID. (The first email will be sent immediately. Your reminder email will be sent 24 hours in advance of the meeting you scheduled.)
  2. You will also receive a “welcome” email from your group leader within 24-48 hours of signing up. IF you sign up for a group that’s meeting within the next 24 hours and have not received your leader’s welcome email, please use the meeting links already sent to you to join your group.
  3. For your first meeting, when you click the link provided for your meeting, you will be prompted to download our meeting software called “Zoom.” This software is completely safe to load on your computer or phone.
  4. Once the program automatically installs it takes you directly to your group meeting.
  5. Please note that you will not be able to “enter” your meeting until your group leader arrives so just sit tight, the meeting will begin soon!



If you run into any problems at all, please visit our Customer Support page for more information and assistance from our top-rated staff!