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Our online small groups meet at the same time every week, led by trained men and women who will help you find freedom, accountability, and community.

We call these groups a “journey” because the men and women in these online communities are all on a shared path to freedom from porn addiction, from pain, and from guilt and shame.

Whether you struggle with porn, or you are married to someone who does, something magical happens when a small group of people journey together and start to experience healing together. We currently have over 70 online small groups that meet on every day of the week, so you can be sure to find a group that fits your schedule.

There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel at any point, so don’t put this opportunity off and join a group today!



“So grateful for my group. Without these guys I’m sure I would isolate and convince myself that I could handle this journey on my own... even though I know that’s impossible. They keep me honest and open.” Tim B.
"Real change began the day I joined my group. I instantly discovered a community that supported and encouraged me with zero judgment."Thomas P.
"My small group has been revolutionary in my life. These women have been a safe place for me to be real and honest with my pain and disappointment and a constant reminder that I am not alone and there is always hope. The prayer and emotional support from women who have walked the same road have been so crucial to my recovery."Susan S.