My Pilgrimage Online Small Groups


You’ve tried everything to overcome your struggles with pornography or sexual addiction, but nothing’s worked. Maybe it’s time to rethink everything you thought you knew about it! My Pilgrimage is a groundbreaking way of thinking about pornography that changes you from the inside out, and this small group provides a healthy community for you to change within.

These anonymous, online groups meet weekly via video chat and also provide you access to our private social media tool so you can stay in touch and encourage one another throughout the week.

The Complete Experience

My Pilgrimage Groups are based on the My Pilgrimage Video Workshop. While it is not required for you to be going through this material to join the group, you will find that your experience will be greatly enhanced by doing so.

In case you haven’t yet purchased the My Pilgrimage video course but you would like to, it can be purchased HERE.


Testimonials – What People Are Saying

  • “My view has completely changed. Putting down my sword and taking this journey has radically changed how I see myself and the world. I could never have imagined the freedom and peace I’m experiencing. It’s been a tough road and when I got lost and wanted to quit Paul and the guys kept me going… Not a battle, an incredible journey to freedom that I never thought was possible.” – Kent
  • “I am so thankful that I have found something that is helping me make sense of things. This “pilgrimage” is so hard right now, but I have to walk it out! The pain of digging things from my past and childhood is difficult to bear, but I am beginning to effectively process things out and feeling things leave. It is working!!!” – Josh
  • “Every man has his own sacred journey to make, but I’m glad not to be alone in this. It’s good to walk alongside other men of God who want to change. I’m ready to find a new way to live.” – David
  • “I’ve had many seasons of battling and having some victories. But I always ended up medicating again. Nothing ever made sense, what’s wrong with me, why can’t I stay free? This was eye opening and groundbreaking stuff for me. Made sense of things for me and made my theology make more sense.  For the first time in a long time, I have hope for freedom.” – Josh
  • “Easy access to porn has changed human existence. I’m opening up to the idea that freedom requires a radical change of consciousness. I’m thankful for these new voices.” – Gabriel
  • “8 years of trying all sorts of recovery. I have hope for this one. I know there’s something here that is not in other approaches. It’s more than recovery. It’s redemption.” – Harold