X3groups Small Groups Online

We are so glad that you have taken the next step in your journey by deciding to join the Small Groups Online experience!

This page will help you understand what to expect in the Small Groups Online experience and how to get started.

Check-In Questions

The Small Groups Online Experience

You have signed up for an X3group small group online. Or you have received 4 credits for Small Groups Online as part of a bundle with the X3pure Workshop.

X3groups are based on the X3groups Workshop. While it is not required for you to be going through this material to join the group, you will find that your experience will be greatly enhanced by doing so.

In case you haven’t yet purchased the X3pure workshop, but you would like to, it can be purchased HERE  and comes with 4 additional Small Groups Online credits.

Yes, this is the very best deal available!

What should I expect in my meeting?

When you enter your meeting, your leader will welcome the group and give instructions about how the meeting is formatted, topics that will be covered, and pray for the group. This is a safe space so feel free to share, no judgment or condemnation will ever be passed onto you from our leaders.

Our leaders are people just like you who are simply further in their Journey. They serve as guides during the meeting but are not your personal “coach.” However, they are trained leaders and can offer great insight into recovery from the impact of betrayal from sexual addictions of a spouse.

The meeting also includes a “check-in process.”

During the check-in process, you will have the opportunity to answer questions that serve as talking points.  Below are the questions so you can be thinking about them in advance of your meeting.

Until then, we look forward to seeing you at your regularly scheduled meeting.

I purchased the X3pure workshop, how do I use my Small Groups Online credits?

When you purchased your video course, you also received 4 Small Groups Online groups. Our team will create an account for you a https://smallgroupsonline.com and will send you an email with your login information to access your credits and begin to book your group meetings. If you do not receive this email within 2 business days please contact us at [email protected].

Watch your email inbox (your spam folder too) for instructions from [email protected]

How do I schedule a Small Group Online?

There are two different ways a Small Groups Online group meeting can be scheduled.

  1. Through the Small Groups Online app. The app can be downloaded on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Schedule your group meeting directly at http://x3groups.getomnify.com (using the login information that was sent from [email protected])

From that link, you will see multiple times and groups. Pick the date and time that best suits your needs and book your group(s) (Note: You can book multiple group meetings at one time).

Do not worry if you cannot always make this time, you can always try a different group time later.

How do I cancel a Small Group Online?

Canceling a Small Group Online group meeting can be done through your Member Profile under the section “My Schedule” Select the booking you wish to cancel and click “Cancel Booking.”

If you cancel 12 hours before your scheduled group time, you will receive your group credit back. If you cancel within 12 hours, you will be charged the credit.

How do I attend my Small Group Online?

Our groups meet online through a tool called Zoom. You can download Zoom at http://smallgroupsonline.zoom.us/download

Once you have downloaded the software, you will be able to attend a meeting.


When you schedule a Small Groups Online experience, you will receive a meeting link and meeting id. The link will open Zoom and take you directly into your group meeting.

Please note that you will not be able to “enter” your meeting until your group leader arrives so just sit tight, the meeting will begin soon!

If you do not have video capability, you may also call into the meeting.

  1. On your phone, dial the teleconferencing number provided in your email invite.
  2. Enter the 9-digit Meeting ID number when prompted using your touch-tone keypad

Note: If you have already joined the meeting via computer, you will have the option to enter your 2-digit participant ID to be associated with your computer.

Can I change to a different Small Group Online?

Yes! You are never “locked” into a time slot or specific group. This is one of the benefits of our groups system: finding a group that works for you. However, we find that committing to a specific group as your “Home Group” is helpful for accountability, support, and growth. We encourage you to look around and visit different groups to find one that fits you and your schedule for a longer commitment.

If you find a group that you really like, take advantage of your ability to schedule the same group for up to 3 months in advance.

How often should I attend?

You determine what your group schedule is and you can always change times from week to week if necessary. Remember, though, finding a “Home Group” encourages growth and accountability as well as community and support. We highly recommend attending a group every week with the same people. Each group meets weekly, lead by the same leader.

You don’t have to go to the same group every week at the same time, though. Sign up for as many groups as you need to, as often as you need them. Soon you will find the right rhythm and group(s) for your personal growth.

How do I pay for more Small Group Online sessions?

We’ve made it as easy as we can – you can purchase a monthly membership through the mobile app or online at https://smallgroupsonline.com from the “Signup” link.

These credits can be used to schedule group meetings at whatever time you like.

Having a problem with my Small Groups Online purchase?

If you run into any problems at all, please email us at [email protected] and our team will be happy to assist you. Please note that your message will receive a response within one business day.

“Check-In” Questions for Small Groups Online (X3groups)

1. State your first name and how long you have been in an X3group.

2. State the closest experience you have had to engage in your unwanted sexual behavior and what caused you to act out.

3. Where are you on the recovery map and are you making positive progress or are you stuck?

4. How are you feeling about your journey right now?

5. What have you been working on since our last meeting?

6. State three positive affirmations about yourself.

7. State one or two ways you can keep moving forward in your journey.

8. How are you feeling about your journey right now?

9. Is there anything you would like to share with your group?

10.How can your group pray for you this week?